Atomic Chalet

Bed & Breakfast in Huntsville Utah

Rooms $149/night

Hang your hat in three uniquely decorated guestrooms with king beds and private bathrooms

 Each room is on the second floor and has three windows with lots of natural light.  Fleece curtains and vaulted ceilings with cedar lofts give the rooms a warm alpine motif. Downstairs is a casual and friendly environment with tables & chairs, a fireplace, billiard table and sofas. We have a large library of books, videos, and games. The Chalet is well appointed with WiFi throughout and many unexpected amenities. 

Rooms, Atomic Chalet

King bed, private bathroom with twin bed in loft.

Sleeps 1- 3. $149/night

Rooms, Atomic Chalet

King bed w/ private bathroom

Sleeps 1 or 2. $149/night

Rooms, Atomic Chalet

Queen bed w/ private bathroom with 2 twin beds in loft.

Sleeps 1-3. $149/night